Furniture for generations, furniture for life.

Living Wood with a story to tell

Some objects become precious, others are born that way. Bruno Piombini furniture is noble from birth, masterfully created from the warmth of living wood by expert hands working in our land.

It comes with passion and a desire to be part of the family that chooses it. It wants you to write your own stories: those of your happiest moments engraved in our furniture. Furniture that will bring to life your home and that, one day, will have your stories to tell.

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Piombini was established in 1925 by Mario Piombini, a craftsman and cabinetmaker from Bovolone, a small town in the Verona area, the heart of the best tradition of artistic furniture.

Business activities mainly involved the production of carriage wheels and the reproduction of artistic furniture. Bruno, Mario’s son, continued his father’s work by conducting the family business.

Stylistically speaking, classical style is re-interpreted to bring out a new look consisting of modern and functional shapes, combined with the great charm of classic furniture.

Now in its fourth generation, Bruno Piombini continues to offer its know-how applied to natural and fine materials while maintaining the tradition of Italian handmade furniture.

He created the brand “Bruno Piombini”, which, in the following years became a symbol of top-quality furniture manufactured in Italy.

With Roberto, Bruno’s son, the company managed to conquer the Italian top-quality furniture market. Thanks to this outstanding achievement, Bruno Piombini carries on with its own research and innovation process.

Today, the company, which is constantly renewing itself in line with market requirements, offers a wide range of products with a classic, contemporary and modern style.

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